For the Love of Kitenge

Growing up my mother had a store in Dar-es-salaam where she would design, make and sale African style clothing using materials such as kitenges, kikoy, batik and khangas.  Naturally, she made clothes for my siblings and I to wear on special occasions.  I used to dread wearing them and throw a fit opting for the "American or western" style clothing.  Thirty years later I am begging my mom to bring me from Tanzania the same clothes I resented (Oh! the irony).  I LOVE African print fabrics! The vibrant colors, patterns, textures just blow my mind. I am very much proud of my culture and hope to instill the same pride to my two daughters (my oldest daughter loves to wear her African print dresses out).  I often opt to mix African prints with my daily clothes. 

Another trend that I really like is wearing accessories with African print or made from African fabrics.  During the winter I love wearing scarves and throws to keep me warm, and when my hair is a mess I put on a colorful turban to spice up my look.