You Need To Invest in a Birkin Bag and Not Gold or Stock..

I'm going to let this sink in a little.................................

Some of you all may have already seen these articles, but I find it mind blowing that is why I am writing about it.  According to articles published recently in both the U.S News and TIME, a recent study has concluded that investing in a Birkin handbag is wiser and safer decision than gold or the stock market.  The reason is since the introduction of this high end designer bag in 1981, the value has increased by 14.2%. Gold lovers like myself know that the price and value of gold fluctuates up and down depending on supply and demand.  And the stock market...unpredictable. This is why retail experts and the mentioned study conclude that since the value of the Birkin bag has not decreased, it is a far more better investment choice than gold or the stock.

Images obtained from Vogue

Personally I will stick to good ol' fashion African gold.  Yes gold that was once used as a form of currency. I find it hard to believe that Birkins will forever continue to increase in value. What if a new designer hand bag becomes the "it" fashion and status symbol and the Birkin becomes just another leather/crocodile handbag? Look at Micheal Kors handbags!! I remember a few years ago buying a Micheal Kors bag at Macys as a Christmas present to myself, and how I wore it EVERYWHERE. Now it is somewhere buried in my closet and I have to much pride to carry a bag that is sold/rented at R-A-C. (sorry but not sorry)

So if you are looking to invest in something that will give you a quick return and have about $10,000 to $200,000 go ahead and look into purchasing a Birkin. Here are some of the requirements, good luck! You may have to put yourself on a waiting list, make the sales associates your new bffs so that they can even show you the bags, and make several high cost purchases prior to show that you are truly "about that life". I am sure this will elevate your status to "Kim K" among your inner circle. Ladies and gentlemen, what are your thoughts??