Jaden Smith is the Face of Louis Vuitton's New Womenswear Campaign

In case you missed it Jaden Smith is the face of the new Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2016 womenswear campaign.  Yes, Will and Jada Smith’s son is modeling women’s clothes.  This is not a surprise since Jaden has been challenging society’s norm with his fashion sense.  He has publicly worn skirts and dresses for various high profile occasions.  He seems to be headlining a new “gender fluid” fashion revolution that is becoming very popular.  Browsing through the comment section on his Instagram page (@christiaingrey) reveals that there are mixed feelings regarding his fashion stance. Some people applaud him for being brave in challenging traditional gender roles while promoting equality.  Others question his sexuality and tell him to seek God for forgiveness.  A few folks are giving his parents a side eye suggesting their parenting style may have something to do with his decisions. Jaden probably does not care what anyone thinks, for he is getting paid millions for these campaigns.

I am not quite sure how to feel about this issue. Personally, I don't find the commercial appealing.  Men and women have different physical characteristics so clothes worn will look different.  As a consumer, I cannot see myself drawn to buy an outfit that was modeled by a man We luckily live in a free country where an individual can experience their true self freely.  Jaden as a free thinker and an adult is living his life the way he wants.  I will not judge his parents on how they chose to raise their child because it is none of my business what goes on in another adult household.  I am concerned about the implications this campaign may have on the image of the black man in America.  The state of the black man in America is already fragile.  Having the son of high-profile African American wearing women clothes in a huge campaign may continue to hurt the black man’s image. The reality is, gender-neutral fashion is where we are heading as a society. Trailblazers in this movement such as Jaden Smith and Young Thug continue to have an influence on millions of young impressionable youths.   I am hoping to instill the same values my parents did to me with my girls so that they may not be easily influenced by trends that contradict my cultural norms. I cannot imagine the reaction of African parents the day their beloved son decides he wants to dress in women clothing lol.  For those that are not acquainted with how strict African parents can be, search Youtube or Vine for skits.