Ali Kiba is Back With Another Hit!!

The King of Bongo Flavor and award-winning singer/songwriter is back with yet another hit. Ali Kiba released his new video for the song "Lupela"   through his global ambassadorship and partnership with WildAid. The WildAid campaign was launched to bring public awareness about the severe poaching crisis currently facing Tanzania.

I loved this song the first time I heard it and loved the video as well.  The overall sound is great, and a bit different from anything I have recently heard in Bongo Flavor.  The song also highlights his vocal capabilities. Ali Kiba can sing guys, like really really sing.  I like the leading lady of the video; she is both beautiful and a talented dancer. Her name on Instagram is @aliya_Janell  The choreography is on point! Both the dancers and Ali Kiba executed the dance moves flawlessly.

Overall I am happy for him, and I wish him continued success and recognition. He is such an amazing artist. I like the fact that he is humble and kind, and does not let his personal life interfere with this music.  I have had the chance to meet him twice during his U.S tours, and I can say that he is so gracious and down to earth! My favorite songs of his in no particular order are;

Cinderella -

So Far Away -

Chekecha -

Mwana -

Dushelele -

I hope you all enjoy the song and video. Signing off, chairman of the King Kiba fan club Dallas chapter :-) jk jk