Let's go on a Safari!

Several months have passed since I wrote on this blog. My absence is credited to being enrolled in the last semester of graduate school which literally KICKED MY ASSSS.  I was super busy juggling practicum, online classes and while still working full time. I barely had time to complete all my assignments and that is why I took some time off the blog.  Thank God I finished and earned my MSN this past May, therefore my family and I took a well-earned vacation to Tanzania. In Tanzania I was able to relax finally, recuperate, and re-group.  We took the family to a Safari (first time for me) and got a chance to experience how beautiful my country truly is.  We visited Ngorongoro and Serengeti National Parks.  There is nothing compared to seeing these majestic and beautiful animals in their natural habitat, roaming around carefree.  The kids had a blast and I'm sure their classmates and teachers will be bombarded with stories of our adventures.  Hubby did a good job taking amazing pictures during the safari, below are my favorite.

Serengeti National Park

Ngorongoro Crater

We had an experienced safari guide who made sure we saw all of the “Big five” animals. He also knew the history of the land so that was an added bonus.  We will love to visit Ngorongoro again in the near future, as well as Manyara National Park (which we missed).  Car, guide, food and accomodations came as package through Global Wide Safaris

Now that I have settled down and there is a bit less chaos in my life, I plan on posting frequently on the blog (Goal is Tuesdays and Sundays). Stay tuned and check out my instragram page @ms.tanzanite for more videos and pics of my safari vacation.